We specialise in Pileturners!

By optimising SPEED, FUNCTIONALITY and SAFETY, Albo System AB is the innovation leader in the manufacturing of robust, high quality and easy to operate Pile Turners. Our range of Pile Turner models efficiently turn, aerate and jog piles of a number of different sheet materials such as, Paper, Board, Corrugated, Flute, Banknotes, IML and Metal. Albo System PileTurners are manufactured in Kungsbacka, SWEDEN and we are serving customers world wide since 1985.

Standard Products for Printing & Packaging

Albo System Standard Pile Turner models for Printing and Packaging are available for all standard sheet formats. Manual, Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic models are recommended based on your requirements of speed and efficiency. Some of our standard models are also available for Inline integration in conveyor lines.

Banknote Pile Turners

Albo System Banknote Pile Turners efficiently aligns and separates sheets of banknote white paper, offset printed paper, intaglio printed paper and polymer. Contact Stanley Press for more information.

Material Handling

In the manufacturing industry, heavy goods must be turned upside down for different reasons. We can adapt our standard Pile Turners for special applications and different types of goods. Contact Stanley Press for more information!


Metal Decorating

Albo System PileTurners for Metal Decorating are enhanced for the heavy loads of metal sheets. Piles of metal sheets are efficiently turned, aerated and aligned. Damaged sheets can be taken out of the pile. Contact Stanley Press for more information.


Pallet Exchange

The Automatic Pallet Exchange System eliminates manual lifting of goods, sheets and pallets. The operator controls the system from the forklift by a remote control unit. Contact Albo System for more information.