Ink Pumps & Systems

What kinds of ink pumps are used in the printing industry?

For over 80 years, Graymills has worked with press builders, converters, and ink makers developing ink circulating and conditioning systems to meet their unique requirements. Because presses vary from narrow web flexo to huge gravure publication presses, Graymills has developed a variety of systems to match press requirements. We’re eager to help you with your ink pumping, circulating or conditioning needs. Graymills’ factory-trained representatives are located throughout the United States and in principal cities worldwide. Contact us today to learn more regarding our ink pumping system and ink circulation systems.

Ink Pumps & Tank Systems

Graymills continues to offers the widest range of ink pumps – centrifugal, peristaltic and double diaphragm. Whether you are wide-web, mid-web, narrow web, envelope or corrugated, you’ll find a pump or total system that fits your needs.

Superflo® Ink Filters & Surge Suppressors

Graymills Superflo® filters are specially designed for flexographic and gravure ink systems, providing effective filtration to eliminate quality problems from contaminants that can also damage costly anilox rolls.

Ink Pump & Tank Mixers

Take variables out of your printing process. Keep your color and viscosity more consistent with a full line of ink pump & tank mixers from Graymills. These in-tank mixers keep inks properly blended, which is especially important for users of diaphragm or peristaltic pumps.

megaMag™ Filter Magnets

A rare earth magnet in a smooth stainless steel casing, with 10x the pulling power of a standard magnet; megaMAG™ is able to attract metal particles from within the filter body or ink tank. Unlike other rare earth magnets, megaMAG’s domed end design with no crevices releases particles easily when cleaning.

Industrial Tanks, Lids, & Liners

Standard Graymills ink tanks are round to promote circulation and eliminate “dead spots” in corners where heavier materials can drop out and stagnate, causing viscosity and color issues in inking systems.

Ink Pump Accessories & Parts

Graymills offers an extensive line of ink pump hoses and pressroom accessories. These include – hoses, fountain supply nozzles, flow controls, tank liners, basket strainers, ink funnels, Zahn Cups, air filter/regulator/lubricator, quick connectors, and fittings.

Dial-A-Flow™ Variable Speed Ink Pump Control

Dial-A-Flow™ Variable Speed Ink Pump Control makes press operation easier and improves print quality. Dial-A-Flow replaces unpredictable and time consuming valve settings in ink delivery systems.

Printclean HP Indigo Edition Parts Washer

This product was created specifically to clean parts from the HP Indigo Digital Press. The parts cleaner was designed with input from HP Indigo experts to operate with HP Imaging Oil.