Cutting machines and peripheral equipment

Since 1999 we have been producing and selling worldwide high-speed cutting machines and peripheral equipment for the graphic industry. We are specialists in the cutting process. We are the successor company of Maschinenbau Zoell OHG and MZ Engineering Maschinenbau & Service GmbH.


From now on all EUROCUTTER Monitor SP guillotines type DM, DTM, M, TM, SM, TSM can automatically generate cutting programs using JDF – files compiled from prepress station. The Job Definition Format (JDF) is the industry specification designed to facilitate process automation and the integration of different applications and systems in and around the Graphic Arts industry. JDF also enables the integration of business management and job planning applications into the production workflow. JDF is based on the W3C’s Extensible Markup Language (XML), ensuring maximum interoperability between different plat-forms and ready interaction with Internet systems. More information is available here.


Machines for Loading

Pile hoist and loading units reduce the physical work of the operator. The material to be cut is lifted quickly and automatically to the optimal working height. No more bending down, a humanized work station is created together with an enormous increase of productivity.

Machines for Jogging

Jogging of the printed sheets is essential for constant high quality of the order. In EUROCUTTER automatic joggers, the printed sheets are precisely aligned to guarantee the exact preparation of the printed sheets. Due to the heavy duty machine frame construction, short jogging times are guaranteed even by using difficult materials.

Machines for Counting/Weighing

Quantification and waste reduction is an increasing important part of the finishing process. With the EUROCUTTER sheet counting system SCS you are able to achieve reliable control of goods received and delivered. The weighing platform respectively weight cells are beneath the jogger and therefore do not require any additional space.

Machines for Transport

MZE machines feature decades of experience in the system elements in designing and manufacturing of production lines and special equipment. The air transfer tables FEL, the charging unit BAH, the feeding unit VOR and the gripper/pusher transport systems GPS increase the productivity and the working flow. Packing tables FOL (no air nozzles).

Machines for Buffering

Storing/buffering of cutting material means an enormous time saving and therefore an increase of productivity. Adjusted to the needs, the air board lift LBL, the sortbuffer SP or the fully automatic 5-times storing unit SSR are the ideal solutions concerning vertical storing. The modular design principal of BAH is highly adjustable to build every number of buffering stations in the horizontal storing. (According to your need of space)

Machines for Unloading

Practise made us realise the following: Manual reloading of the cutting material demands high physical efforts and does not guarantee exactly re-piled work. All this can be conducted fast and precisely with MZE unloading machines like the re-piling lift SHPA with layer or the fully automatic re-piling unit RSA. We deliver what you need. Use the advantage for your processing.

Euroline Cutting Line Systems

In combination with the EUROCUTTER¨ high speed paper cutting machines and the peripheral devices we hereunder make a few advices for possible solutions of how a complete cutting line could be economically combined. Please klick on the EUROLINE you are interested in and find illustrated

Three Knife Trimmer

The Offline-Three Knife Trimmer is usable for customers who cut books, brochures, magazines and newspapers in different formats and variable heights. Easy to use, short change over times to all kind of cutting sizes and materials.