Narrow Web Foil Printing and Die Cutting Systems

Today, BERRA is offering its customers a global service: above all, it proposes itself as a trusted partner, whose very business card is its openness to the customer and helpfulness in the most various conditions. For years has BERRA stood out with its range of equipment for label making, hot printing, screen printing, serisimplex, roller and coil silkscreen processing, punching and continuous printing in permanent renovation to maintain its vanguard position in modern serigraphy.

Narrow Web Foil Printing & Die Cutting Systems

The ‘S’ Series foil stamping machines all incorporate modular steel frame construction, with a wide range of configurations – 1,2 or 3 head printing, flat bed die cutting, longitudinal foiling and transverse foiling. All machines feature electronic web control with keyboard programming and programmable foil feeds. Web widths up to 330mm can be processed by the machines, with the max printing and die plate measure of 280 x 320mm. Optional equipment available includes full hologram application capacity, cross cutting unit, longitudinal cutting unit, laminator and re-register device.