We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of hologram-application machines for security printing. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Based on the flat-flat stamping principle, the ROFO 910 is used in the print finishing of printed and plain web substrates in the Food (chocolate, confectionery) and Non-food areas (tobacco, shopping bags), in addition to the print finishing of pre-printed webs in the packaging and decorative industries (gift wrap paper, wallpaper).

Foil Stamping Machines, Web Fed

Sheet and Web Fed Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machines

The GIETZ FSA range includes sheet fed machines for foil stamping, hologram transfer, embossing and die cutting of paper, board and filmic materials. These foil stamping machines are based on platen press technology. This means flat stamping dies, a long dwell time under pressure and, as an extra benefit for the user, a large choice of low-cost tools and stamping foils. Moreover, by the use of this platen press technique one can reach unbeatable stamping results.

Hologram-application Machines for Security Printing

The HTF machine range is designed for the gluing and forming of conical trays. Printed blanks are glued and formed to trays with or without cover lids, take-away boxes or hamburger clamshells. The HTF coverts all types of cardboard/corrugated board.

Erecting and Gluing Machines for Conical Trays
made of Cardboard and Corrugated Board


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We thank you very much for your interest in our company. Since 1892, Gietz has supplied outstanding high-performance machines to the printing and packaging industry.



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