RoFo 910 PLUS – Flexible web processing

Based on the flat-flat stamping principle, the ROFO 910 PLUS is used in the print finishing of printed and plain web substrates in the Food (chocolate, confectionery) and Non-food areas (tobacco, shopping bags), in addition to the print finishing of pre-printed webs in the packaging and decorative industries (gift wrap paper, wallpaper). The ROFO 910 PLUS processes paper, cardboard, plastic film and composite substrates, thereby demonstrating its flexible performance range. The ROFO 910 PLUS is also ideally suited to the Security industry. Here, OVDs (Optical Variable Devices) are applied on to banknotes, official documents and in the field of trademark protection.

The 10 Advantages

1. 100 metres per minute!
The only web-fed foil stamping machine in the world capable of processing web widths up to 910 mm and offering the flat-flat foil stamping and embossing principle, runs at up to 100 m/ min (corresponding to 8000 strokes/hour).

The patented VACUFOIL foil transportation system makes it possible to process large diameter foil reels at maximum production speed Ð and this at full foil advance over the complete foiling area – without any limitations to the running performance.

3. Modular system
Tailor-made custom solutions are possible thanks to the modular construction. For example, two stamping stations can be arranged one after the other, and/or additional processing stages, including sheeting, piling, slitting and die-cutting, can be integrated.

4. Flexible web processing

With the flat-flat stamping principle, long dwell times under pressure can be achieved. This makes foil transfer with high gloss possible at low temperatures and is an advantage, for example, in the foil stamping and embossing of heatsensitive substrates or coatings. The short set-up times for the cost effective flat stamping dies and the continuously pre-selectable repeat and print lengths, result in higher efficiency for both large and small print runs.

5. Longitudinal and transverse foil feed
Foil feed systems running both in-line with, and across, the substrate running direction ensure a decisive reduction in foil consumption, and permit completely new foil usage calculations. Through the use of the transverse foil feed, a further working step can often be avoided, depending on the image layout of the web.

6. Intelligent foil disposal system
Through the use of a baling press, additional machine stops for the removal of used foils are no longer necessary. This can result in an increase of up to 10% in the net machine performance.

7. OVD technology (holograms)
For the application of single-picture holograms and strips (OVDs = Optical Variable Devices) for the security industry, the ROFO 910 offers completely new application possibilities, including the application of strips with transverse foil feed!

8. Core competence and service life
For more than 50 years, Gietz has focussed on foil stamping, and Gietz machines are first and foremost designed as foil stamping and embossing systems. User experiences with hundreds of machines have been consistently incorporated and integrated into their design. A Gietz is a Gietz: it foil stamps and embosses giving the highest quality, often for more than 20 years before requiring the first overhaul.

9. Price-performance ratio
The very highest stamping quality, maximum production speed, extremely long service life and reliability: a Gietz machine is well worth its price.

10. Top products for professionals
Foil stamping machines from Gietz are recognized by printers worldwide as industry leading products from professionals for professionals.