ROFO 450 range, the ultimate in narrow web

Specifically designed for narrow web processing with the proven Gietz flatbed principle.The ROFO 450 press combines strengths including large stamping area, unique stamping force and speed with the well-known Gietz quality of hot foil stamping, blind embossing and hologram application. The press can be integrated as an inline unit into any narrow web machinery or operate as a standalone unit.

Key beefits

  • Up to 30’000 strokes/hours and 180m/min

  • High performance foil transportation system VACUFOIL

  • Large stamping area

  • Unique stamping force

  • Up to 4 foil feeds

  • Rotating foiling unit

  • Hologram application technology

Special Features Foil web transport

  • Up to 4 foil feeds on 2 unwinding levels

  • The foil is unwound using the high performance foil transportation system VACUFOIL

  • Suction channel frames with loop sensors to house the foil before advance

  • Suction board at press entry for foil web tension control

Standalone or inline operation
The dedicated substrate feeding device allows for an integration in all kinds of webfed systems. An infeed and outfeed web buffering system enables a perfect synchronisation to be achieved between the platen press. It is possible to vary the infeed and outfeed substrate web speeds. The system can run with rotary, semi rotary or combination drive web presses. The press does work as a standalone with its own substrate web unwind and rewind unit or cross cutter.

Easy settings of the counterparts

  • Easy setting of dies and counterparts without any disconnection of the substrate web

  • Perfect make-ready possibilities underneath the counter plate

  • Positioning pins align honeycomb, counter plate and make-ready plate

Large stamping surface

The maximum embossing area of 430 x 610 / 16.9″ x 24″ allows a wide range of applications. The press can be integrated into a wide range of web systems.

Hologram application

  • The hologram foil is unwound using the VACUFOIL foil transportation system

  • The foil tension of each hologram foil web is individually adjustable

  • The register mark detection happens at the entry to the press