The Dexter-Lawson Series “A Plus” Drill System

Dexter-Lawson’s high performance Series “A-Plus” Drill Systems are designed for the ultimate in productivity and price performance. We combine our industry-leading 76mm lift capacity — with a computerized back gauge depth of up to 1016mm.

“Classic” Series Automatic Drilling System

The “A-Plus” Drill is designed specifically for tags, labels, checks, and other large drilling applications.


At DHP we know that the least you can ask of your drill is to do the job, do it right, and keep doing it for a long time. That is why we have designed our Series “A-Plus” Drills for true heavy-duty operation. Each Series “A-Plus” Drill will meet the production requirements of the busiest plant, while performing trouble-free for years.

But doing only the least, has never been the Dexter-Lawson way. We could have stopped at having one of the most rugged and durable drills in the industry, but we believed our customers needed more.

We started by pricing our “A-Plus” Drill to give you the ultimate combination of price & performance.

Next, we combined our industry leading 76mm lift capacity with a back-gauge that provides depths of up to 1016mm. Then we added important standard features such as a fully computerised back gauge, touch screen controls, and vacuum chip removal system as well as optional features such as air cooling & silicone spray units for hollow drill bits; and important safety features such as see-through front guard, and an air brake for both motors. Finally, we added our comprehensive product warranty to give you that extra peace of mind, knowing that DHP stands behind its products and will help you get the most from your “A-Plus” Series Drill (or any other DHP machinery that you have chosen for your plant).


  • 76mm lift height capable for 10 heads

  • Variable Drill Stoke speeds 762mm or 1016mm Back Gauge Depth

  • 711mm Drill width

  • 5 H.P. Main Drive Motor

  • Easy Set up

  • Touch Screen Controls

  • Perfect for drill full sheets of tags, labels or checks

  • Large Sheet Drilling up to 711 x 1016mm

  • Compressed air required: 70-90 psi

  • Optional Silicone Spray Unit for cooling