Increase of productivity by precise alignment

Jogging of the printed sheets is essential for constant high quality of the order. In EUROCUTTER automatic joggers, the printed sheets are precisely aligned to guarantee the exact preparation of the printed sheets. Due to the heavy duty machine frame construction, short jogging times are guaranteed even by using difficult materials.

The all-rounder with air-expulsion roller. Optional with hydraulic table tilting, programming of parameters and timer

The standard jogger equipped with automatic tilting side lay

Sheet Counting System SCS

Quantification and waste reduction is an increasing important part of the finishing process. With the EUROCUTTER sheet counting system SCS you are able to achieve reliable control of goods received and delivered. The weighing platform respectively weight cells are beneath the jogger and therefore do not require any additional space

Characteristic features

  • Precise measuring of printed sheets

  • High resolution weighing system

  • No additional space needed for separate counting systems

  • Large 15″ touch screen monitor display

  • Attractive price/performance ratio

  • Available also as construction kit for all other jogger brands