Machines for Buffering

Storing/buffering of cutting material means an enormous time saving and therefore an increase of productivity. Adjusted to the needs, the air board lift LBL, the sortbuffer SP or the fully automatic 5-times storing unit SSR are the ideal solutions concerning vertical storing. The modular design principal of BAH is highly adjustable to build every number of buffering stations in the horizontal storing. (According to your need of space)

Air board lift LBL for vertical storing of cutting material before and after cutting. Especially developed for label printers and where separate buffering units are needed.

Sortbuffer SP for vertical storing. The quires are automatically driven forward to process. Available with 6 or 10 shelves.

5 times storing shelf SSR for buffering of vertical 5 cutting quires, in combination with feeding unit VOR automatic feeding to the cutting machine, very space-saving.

For horizontal storing: The transport system BAH together with the air-conveyor unit FEL