Double Diaphragm Ink Pumps

For applications requiring controlled flow rates from a trickle to 40 gallons per minute. Especially suited to the requirements of bottom printing corrugated lines, where a single pump provides both supply and suction return.

These pumps operate by the movement of two flexible diaphragms which move back and forth, alternately filling and emptying two chambers. Flow is controlled with the air inlet valve, which then determines pump speed. A variety of applications are possible because the pump’s inlets and outlets can be configured in different ways, such as “one-in one-out”, “1-to-1”, “two-in two-out”, or “2-to-2”. In the 1–to-1 option, one color is sent to the deck. In the “ 2-to-2” configuration, you can deliver one material and also draw it back, or deliver two inks to two different decks. Diaphragm pumps do have a pulsating flow and are best use with a Graymills surge suppressor/filter.