Ink Pumps & Tank Systems

What kinds of ink pumps are used in the printing industry?

Graymills continues to offers the widest range of ink pumps – centrifugal, peristaltic and double diaphragm. Whether you are wide-web, mid-web, narrow web, envelope or corrugated, you’ll find a pump or total system that fits your needs. Pumping from a 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 55 gallon container – Graymills has the right length, lid and container (metric lengths and lids are also available.)

What is a peristaltic pump?

Also known as a “tube” pump, the peristaltic pump utilizes a flexible tube which passes through a head and is squeezed by two rollers that push the ink to the print deck. These pumps are excellent for fast color changes for low to high viscosity, UV and EB ink.

What is a centrifugal pump?

This industry workhorse is low maintenance, takes a lot of abuse and delivers ink in a non-pulsating flow. Graymills centrifugal models provide in-tank circulation to keep the material in the tank blended.

What is a double diaphragm pump?

These air-driven pumps operate by the movement of two flexible diaphragms which move back and forth, alternately filling and emptying two chambers. As each chamber is emptied, the ink is pushed toward the print deck. Good for corrugated bottom printers.

Peristaltic Ink Pumps

Unlike conventional peristaltic pumps adapted from other industries, Graymills peristaltic or “tube” pumps are engineered specifically for flexo and Gravure printing applications and have received U.S. Patent number 5,630,711.

Centrifugal Ink Pumps & Tank Systems

Centrifugal ink pumps are the workhorse of the industry. They are low maintenance, take a lot of abuse, deliver ink in a non-pulsating flow

Double Diaphragm Ink Pumps

For applications requiring controlled flow rates from a trickle to 40 gallons per minute. Especially suited to the requirements of bottom printing corrugated lines, where a single pump provides both supply and suction return.