LabelCut 102 – Precision cutting machine for wet glue labels

The LabelCut 102 is a precision cutting machine for pre-printed paper reels. It was designed to produce wet glue labels cost-effectively in large volumes. It is especially useful for the precision cutting of pre-printed reels to produce bundled, packaged label piles, as well as for cutting soft cigarette packaging.

The LabelCut 102 processes paper, metallic paper, BOPP and other films. To enable fully automated production, extension modules are available for inline embossing, die cutting, pocket sheeting, form punching, etc

LabelCut 102 basic equipment

  • Reel unwind

  • Dancer roller system

  • Web edge and print mark control

  • Slitter and cross cutter

  • Collating unit with piling height of up to 110 mm

  • Waste detection and reject gate

  • Pressing station for air removal

  • Delivery

Add-on options

  • Horizontal embossing system

  • Automated pile transport to downstream machines