ProFile 970 – Lever arch file assembly line for highest output

The assembly line ProFile 970 allows stationery manufacturers to produce lever arch files from paper- and plastic-laminated covers in large quantities. The modular structure allows for client-specific assembly and later add-ons.

Profile 970 basic equipment

  • Feeding station

  • Grooving station

  • Apply oval eyelets

  • Apply finger hole eyelets

  • Insertion of rivets

  • Application of lever arch mechanism

  • Insertion of compressor bar

  • Insertion of advertising sheet

  • Insertion of cardboard protective strip

  • Folding

  • Delivery in sets

Add-on options

  • Pre-piling belt

  • Edge protection

  • Blind embossing

  • Automatic de-packing and feeding of mechanisms

  • Export plate assembly