CHAMPION Microcomputerized Strip Diecutting System

A label strip cutting machine, working hydraulically for the production of every type and designs of label in various materials.

All labels, hollow punched from the strip, are piled up in a stripway while the waste fall into an adapted container. For the production of numbered labels, the machine can be fitted with a small expulsion piston. Specially suitable as well for embedded labels – as those used for champagne bottle-neck wraps – it also considerably reduces paper waste.

It has been designed with the inclusion of every safety feature and adjustment for the easy fitting of hollow punches. It operates to a tolerance of a 0.02 millimeters : the hollow punching can reach an average production of 400.000 labels per hour.

Standard Specifications

  • Usable punching surface [mm] 250×1000

  • Maximum cutting size [mm] 250×250

  • Minimum cutting size [mm] 10×45

  • Stack Height [mm] 0-40

  • Trim nargin, depending on material and size [mm] 0-5

  • Strokes per minute [mm] 60

  • Pressure [Kg] 8.000

  • Installed power [Hp] 7,5

  • Net weight [Kg] 1.250