MATRIX Automatic Punching System for Cards

Computerized blank die-cutting machine “Matrix” for plastic cards made up of different multi or single-layer materials. The machine is equipped with a mechanical blanking press driven by a variable speed brushless motor, which substitutes all hydraulic circuits and ensures energy saving, low vibration and noise reduction .

The use of robots for blank transport ensure high speed and high precision positioning (0,05 mm), which results in higher production. An up-to-date software controlled by one single touchscreen computer makes the Matrix machine easy to program and use. Thanks to the highly advanced technologies in use, Matrix die-cutting machine ensures higher quality and production.

Matrix is composed of

  • Welded steel bedplate

  • 800 mm high piling blank feeder with approx. 1 hour of endurance

  • Blank feeding by robot-driver units coupled with

  • Brushless motors (special combination)

  • Blank alignment and feeding control by means of fiber optics ensuring high-precision positioning

  • Mechanical blanking press driven by one variable speed

  • Brushless motor – 3/4 cards shearing die

  • Output card collecting belt> Operational control by means of touchscreen computer

  • Ease of access to mechanical, pneumatic and electronic parts

  • Screen diagnostic ensuring prompt diagnosis of any possible fault or machine stop