FUSTELLAMATIC Preprinted Labels Punching System

Machine for flat and repeated die-cutting of preprinted labels.

  • Platen: 320×320 mm.

  • Speed can vary from 0 to 120 m/min.

  • The machine consists of two un winding-off units, waste rewind, and two rewind units

  • The platen is vertically adjustable.

  • The die can be adjustable longitudinally.

Constant tension is obtained through a shaft driven by an electric clutch. Electromechanic web feeding with electronic control for accurate die-cutting register. Feeding of neutral material is controlled by an encoder with programmable millesimal steps through electronic counter. The machine is fitted with a trasversal and longutudinal cutting unit. It’s possible to have sheet collection or also to diecut from reel-toreel

  • Installed power KW 7.

  • Weight approx. Kg. 2200