Mod. TR 330 Label Cutting into Foil from Coils

Automatic machine for sheeting the web , working in a mechanical and pneumatic way, equipped with an electronic reading System by means of a photocell able to read both marks and waste and allowing a perfect centring of the cutting. An electronic control makes the cutting of web with one or more labels each possible.

The machine incorporates a cut-counter which can be digitally programmed and stops automatically at the counting end, and with an automatic unwinder of the spool and a box tray: transport moves forwards after a certain number of cuts, creating piles of precounted sheets. The machine may be also used to cut sheets from an unprinted unpunched spool.

Mod. TR 330

  • Length 2.100 mm

  • Height 1.200 mm

  • Depth 900 mm

  • Weight 250-330 mm

  • Speed (Hour cycles) 8.500

  • Width 250-330 mm

  • Mains voltage 220 Volt

  • Power consumption 0.5KW

  • Air consumption l/min. 55