Berra Mod. FTA 250/330

This machine is made of robust steel and consists of: unwinder, brake unit, hollow punch head, electronic pitch-feed unit, waste rewind, waste conveyor, winding shaft controlling a punch centering system with longitudinal, cross and rotary adjustments, which allows saving of time and material during the machine setting (imposition).

The electronic control panel is preset to house a photoelectric cell, which, by reading a mark or the waste , allows the die cutting of preprinted material with the same pitch as before. A potentiometer allows adjustment of the speed up to a 9000 cycles/hour max., according to the pitch.

On request the machine can be equipped with the following optionals: – 
cross cutting unit – laminator- slitting unit – photoelectric cell holder 
and restart photoelectric cell unit.

Independent Unit for Reel to Reel Surface Die Cutting:

Standard Specifications

  • Weight 1.200 kg

  • Width 1.200 mm

  • Length 2.500 mm

  • Absorbtion 2.500 Watt

  • Width 1.600 mm

  • Cicli variabili da … a 1.500<.> 9.000c

Mod. FTA – 250

  • Die-cutting Surface 240 x 240 mm

  • Material Passing Width 250 mm

  • Cycles Per Hour 9.000 max

Mod. FTA – 330

  • Die-cutting Surface 310 x 290 mm

  • Material Passing Width 330 mm

  • Cycles Per Hour 9.000 max