Berra Mod. S2-250

Hot printing machine composed of 2 separate steel structures plus independent setting adjustments, and with the possibility of an optional third structure (on request) for additional colour printing.

  • Rapid processing thanks to three head settings and very simple machine function make this System ideal for both large and small scale productions

  • Electronic material step conveyor through printer with touch

  • Key programming in millimeters or inches, complete with decimal correction

  • Absorbtion 2.500 Watt

  • Two programmable independent electronic feed foil step conveyor System, plus the possibility of foil advance of 90° angle in sideways or longitudinal way of the tape to print, by means of film-holder rotation
  • The adjustable printing unit can be set in sideways and rotating directions

  • Printing and die cutting block: 230 x 230 mm

  • Material passage with 250 mm

  • Electronic speed variation: approx. 9000 cycles/hour according to printing size

  • Dual shaft rewinding with separate tension adjustment

The machine is equipped with all the necessary CE standard requirements. The following OPTIONALS can be supplied on request:

  • Photocell re-register device

  • Slitting unit

  • Sheeting unit

  • Laminating unit

  • Perforation for fan fold production

Standard Specifications

  • Length 2.400 mm

  • Hight 1.750 mm

  • Width 1.200 mm

  • Weight 1.500 mm

  • Power Consumption 4KW
  • Hot printing and die-cutting surface 240 x 240 mm
  • Material passing 250 mm

  • Cycles per hour 7.000 max only die-cutting 9.000 max)