SF 330 Die Cutting, Waste Removal, Rewinding

This machine is used to cut flexible self adhesive or non-adhesive materials in lengthwise direction. It is equipped with self-sharpening blades, removes the waste, then rewinds material and scrap on three independent expansion shafts, controlled by slip motors with electronic tension adjustment.

The machine can be placed at the end of a production line as material exits, or used as a stand alone unit with an auxiliary unwinder.

  • Adjustable cutting width

  • Photocell advance travel control, through material loop

  • Automatic waste removal and rewinding

  • Heated plate for easier waste removal

  • Adjustable work speed

  • The machine can be supplied with a suction scrap removal unit on request

Standard Specifications

  • Material passing width 250-330 mm

  • Max. rewinder reel diameter 600 mm

  • Power consumption 3KW 

  • Length 1.300 mm

  • Height 1.650 mm

  • Width 1.000 mm

  • Weight 800KG

  • Speed 30 m/h (in option 60 m/h)